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Feferi Peixes (♓) cuttlefishCuller

Mar. 30th, 2021

10:44 pm - How's My Driving?

Anon commenting on // IP screening off

10:29 pm - Permissions: a post of two halves

This post serves two porpoises purposes. The first being to cover what can be done to Feferi and the second being to cover permissions-related things for her.

Part one: Permissions for FeferiCollapse )

Part Two: Audience participationCollapse )

Dec. 18th, 2011

02:37 pm - Sing app // Posted from bubblewrapslife

Player Information ;
Your Nickname: Rhi
OOC Journal: ms_shalimar
Under 18? Nope
Email/IM: malakian_angel@hotmail.com / momentsbtwnsleep
Characters Played at Singularity: None

Character Information ;
Name: Feferi Peixes
Name of Canon: Homestuck
Canon/AU/Other Game CR: Canon
Reference: http://mspaintadventures.wikia.com/wiki/Feferi_Peixes
Canon Point: After getting killed by Eridan

Setting: Feferi grew up on Alternia, a world in a universe separate to Earth which has two moons orbiting. She was born, as all trolls are, from an incestuous sludge made up of genetic material presented to the Mother Grub. This means both that all trolls born at the same time are genetically related and that no troll knows their genetic parents. (Actually, Feferi was technically created as a genetic clone of herself in a meteor laboratory and sent to Alternia on a meteor by Karkat Vantas, but for setting purposes, this is how it normally works).

Once the troll grubs hatch, they find somewhere to pupate, transforming from wigglers into humanoid youngsters with limbs very much as caterpillars would transform into butterflies. Once hatched, the young troll must complete dangerous trials; only on successful completion of these trials is a troll assigned a guardian figure known as a lusus and allowed to surface from the Breeding Caverns to find somewhere to build their hive (home).

Lusus are assigned based on blood colour. A troll could potentially have any blood colour that is present in what is known as the "hemospectrum"; this ranges from dark red at the bottom all the way up to tyrian purple (and any blood colour outside of this spectrum being referred to as mutant blood). The blood colour determines several things: as noted, it determines which lusus a young troll will be adopted by; it also determines life-span and a troll's status in society with the low-bloods as peasants, blue bloods as the nobility and purple bloods as royalty. Additionally, those with purple blood are Sea Dwellers and thus are born with the means to survive underwater.

Feferi is something of a rarity amongst trolls, having been born with the highest known blood colour which she shares with just one other: the current troll Empress who has been ruling over Alternia for hundreds of thousands of sweeps and has seen off countless potential heiresses. This makes Feferi the next in line for the throne, dependent on her defeating the current Empress once she reached maturity. It also means she shares a lusus with the Empress: an emissary of the horrorterrors known as Gl'bgolyb who, unless kept happy and well-fed, could potentially wipe out the entire rest of the troll race through the Vast Glub.

In this respect, Feferi was no different than the other trolls, albeit that there were more serious consequences if she didn't take adequate care of her lusus. This required feeding it the corpses of countless other lusus over the sweeps and, were it not for another sea dweller named Eridan Ampora, Feferi might well have become as cold-blooded and desensitised to killing as blue-blood Vriska Serket, whose lusus fed on other young trolls. However, Eridan was more than happy to help Feferi feed her lusus, possibly because his rivalry-slash-friendship (though once kismesis) with Vriska would have led to him killing them anyway, possibly because it allowed him to uphold his ancestor's legacy as "Orphaner" Duelscar and possibly simply because he had strong feelings of pity for her.

To understand this better, and to understand the complexities within Feferi and Eridan's relationship, it is important to understand romance as it applies to trolls. Trolls primarily operate on a basic principle of platonic hate and apathy when it comes to others; in Alternian they use the same word for "friend" and "enemy". Romance, however, revolves around the feelings of non-platonic hate (black romance) and pity (red romance), and is comprised of four quadrants.

For the purposes of Feferi's background, the first and most prominent quadrant is moirallegiance, otherwise known as the pale or diamond quadrant. Moirallegiance is based on pity, and is not one of the mating quadrants - humans would probably perceive it more as an extremely close friendship than as a romance; however, there is more to it than just two trolls who share feelings of pity. Ideally, a pair of moirails will serve to balance each others' weaknesses but at its core, moirallegiance is about a more laid back troll keeping a more violent troll in check so that they don't go on murderous rampages.

In this case, Feferi was the one keeping Eridan in check; by getting him to help her feed her lusus he could indulge in his murderous tendencies without plotting to wipe out all land dwellers through various doomsday devices and plans. Unfortunately, this moirallegiance fell apart shortly before they started playing SGRUB, partly because Feferi was tired of having to keep him in check and partly because Eridan's feelings tended more towards the flushed quadrant.

The flushed quadrant, also known as matespritship or the heart quadrant, is the other pity quadrant and, as one of the two mating quadrants, is the closest equivalent to human romance. Eridan felt that, as fellow Sea Dwellers, he and Feferi would be the perfect match; Feferi, however, held no such feelings for him and later went on to become matesprits with Sollux Captor.

The other two quadrants, based on hate, are kismessissitude and auspistice. Kismessissitude, also known as the caliginous or spade quadrant, is the other mating quadrant and is about cultivating an intense rivalry with another troll, to an extent where they hate their kismesis too much to want them dead (as then they'd have no kismesis). Because hate comes so easily for trolls and because they are a naturally violent race, auspistice (otherwise known as the ashen or club quadrant) is a valuable quadrant for any trolls who are or might be indulging in black feelings. This final quadrant comprises three trolls: the auspistice and two trolls who are either at risk of committing black infidelity or who are otherwise in an unbalanced hatemance so that one half of a kismesis doesn't end up killing the other. For Feferi, these don't come into play until much later when she accuses Eridan of trying to get her to auspistice between him and Sollux.

Unfortunately, it will never be known how Feferi would have fared as Empress, or even if she would have been able to defeat the current Empress to take the throne, as Alternia was destroyed thanks to a game called SGRUB, which was discovered by Aradia and Sollux which Feferi became involved in playing. Initially, the plan was to have the trolls divided into two teams; they would compete against each other to see who could first create a new world. Unfortunately, the mere act of playing the game led to Alternia being destroyed and the lusus being killed; as this included Gl'bgolyb, this led to the Vast Glub wiping out the entire rest of the troll race apart from Feferi's ancestor, the Empress. Feferi played with the blue team and just about managed to get Sollux into the game so that she could revive him after he died from the Vast Glub.

In actual fact, the twelve trolls involved were all playing one session; there was, however, some significance to the way the teams worked out and this ties into how Feferi was able to revive Sollux. Each player of SGRUB was granted a dream self which could act while the real troll slept, assuming the dream self had awakened. This dream self resided on moons attached to one of two planets: Prospit, which orbited the central planet of Skaia, or Derse, which was located in close proximity to the Furthest Ring where the horrorterrors lived. Feferi, as with the other members of the blue team, had her dream self on Derse. Unfortunately, both dream planets were destroyed by a rampaging Jack Noir (who had actually crossed over from the session spawned by the world the trolls created) and Feferi's dream self was killed.

In addition to providing the homes of the dream selves, Prospit and Derse also acted as home to the carapaced residents of Skaia. On Skaia itself, a chess-style war was being waged, led by the White and Black Kings. One of the main goals of SGRUB was to defeat the Black King and Queen; in the trolls' case the Queen abdicated rather than allowing herself to become prototyped with a frog head but they still had to fight to defeat the Black King who, based on what the trolls had prototyped their kernelsprite (helper sprite) with, had the powers of eleven lusus (Gl'bgolyb included).

Before this final battle, however, each troll was assigned their own world, each presenting a challenge culminating in defeating their world's denizen. Feferi's world was the Land of Dew and Glass; very little is known about her planet or her denizen. Additionally, each troll was given a role which shaped the powers they would be able to acquire and use. In Feferi's case, as the Witch of Life she was able to create dream bubbles which would allow the dead or those with dead dream selves to meet each other and communicate.

With denizens and the Black King defeated, the trolls were moments away from claiming their new world - Earth, as it turned out. Before this could happen, however, Noir crossed into their session and the trolls were forced to hide out in a meteor laboratory in the Veil, where they would be all but impossible to find. It was here that they discovered the humans they'd created; while the others were furious about the kids "ruining" their game, Feferi suggested helping the kids instead. Karkat overruled her but she still attempted to talk to Jade, paving the way for future dream bubbles where they would be able to meet. Unfortunately, Feferi managed to scare Jade the twice they shared bubbles: the first time thanks to the horrorterrors; the second by revealing that she was actually dead, having been killed by Eridan after she refused to side with him in going to Noir and joining him. Though dead, Feferi can still contact people through the bubbles; she could, for example, reassure Sollux after he was blinded (which was the other catalyst for Feferi attacking Eridan and getting killed for it).

To clarify the connection between the trolls and the human kids: as stated before, the trolls created Earth. Four human kids from this version of Earth - John Egbert, Rose Lalonde, Dave Strider and Jade Harley - ended up playing their own version of SGRUB, entitled SBURB. The trolls were first made aware of this when Dave sent a money transfer to Terezi, having been told to do so by her future self (a key theme throughout Homestuck is that as part of the need for stable time loops, it often turns out that something that happened in the past was in fact set in motion by something in the linear future but that had to happen in order for the past event to happen otherwise there'd be a paradox.). The reason the trolls get so angry is that, thanks to them having access to the kids' entire timelines from birth (well, arrival on Earth) up to a point way in the future, they get to see just how the Jack Noir that crossed sessions was created.

Specifically, the part where Noir was prototyped by an omniscient, omnipresent being known as a First Guardian. First Guardians are fuelled by an entity known as the Green Sun which, in another case of future affecting past, was created by Dave and Rose while they thought they were destroying it. The relevant part here, however, is that First Guardians are pretty much unkillable thanks to the power of said Green Sun. And in the kids' session, their First Guardian proved to be none other than Bec, Jade's beloved dog. Because of this, the trolls are led to believe that she, as Bec's owner, and John as Jade's server player are the key people responsible for what happened. However, because this is Homestuck timelines we're dealing with, the very act of talking to and making life difficult for the human kids (particularly when some of the trolls decide to troll from the end of the timeline and work backwards, Karkat) means that the trolls are complicit in many of the acts they were trying to prevent in the first place. And as it turns out, it was one of the trolls themselves who set up the parameters which would allow Bec to become prototyped: Vriska used her mind control powers to cause John to fall asleep at a critical moment, forcing Bec to prototype himself to save Jade from death. This leads to an interesting paradox: if the trolls had never spoken to the kids then Bec Noir would never have existed; however, the fact that he was already there made their interactions with the kids inevitable. Once again, time in Homestuck is one heck of a confusing entity and doesn't bear thinking about too closely.

Think things are complicated enough? Guess what, there's more! For despite the fact that trolls don't have genetic parents, they do have Ancestors, trolls sharing their blood colour and sign, who would be considered their closest genetic relatives. And in yet another twist, once upon a time the twelve trolls who are the main focus in Homestuck were actually the ancestors. What happened was essentially this: once upon a time Alternia was a peaceful planet, a far cry from the constant war and violence in the histories of the current trolls. And twelve trolls from this more peaceful Alternia (thus ruled over by a benevolent Empress as Feferi longed to be) once played SGRUB themselves. As their upbringing had left them so unprepared for the harsh realities of the game, their session failed badly and became unwinnable but before the end came, they were given a choice: they could either die along with their soon-to-be-scratched (destroyed) session or they could survive, but under the following conditions: those who played the game would be sent back to become the ancestors and the current ancestors would become the players, which eventually led to Feferi et al's session. Additionally, the ancestors would have their memories wiped of everything to do with both SGRUB and Alternian life as it once had been.

Thanks to the machinations of one Doc Scratch, the trolls' First Guardian who, not being a dog, has been able to manipulate people a heck of a lot more than Bec, the new generation of players would be born into (slash sent to) the Alternia we know and love today: violent, harshly segregated with a tyrant Empress (the Condesce, Feferi's ancestor) and Scratch's secret weapon, the Handmaid (Aradia's ancestor, who never made it to Alternia but was instead raised by Scratch to serve his own purpose) who he sent back through the ages to stir up discrimination, hatred and discontent, turning the hemospectrum into the huge deal certain of the current troll generation like to think it still is. However, in many ways the Condesce would not have been able to conquer quite so much territory or travel quite as far were it not for a troll not born of the hemospectrum but of a mutant blood: the one known as the Signless.

Unlike the other troll ancestors, Signless began to remember. He began to remember the game and the Alternia he grew up on the first time around and became something of a troll Jesus, speaking out against the tyranny and cruelty of the current regime and pushing for a return to the old ways. Though he gathered followers around him, those in command were naturally unimpressed with his attempt at a rebellion and he was caught and put to death, the cold grey of the irons he was bound in becoming his symbol and thus Karkat's, when the time came. It is also because of Signless and his followers that Karkat had a lusus; Signless himself had none and was raised by the Dolorosa, a green-blood and Kanaya's ancestor who abandoned her duties to the Mother Grub to surface and raise Signless herself.

This rebellion would spark the Condesce's drive towards conquering so much territory; she figured that by keeping the adults busy at war with other worlds, there would be no time for any similar uprisings against her. She too, in fact, was being manipulated by Scratch but in the meantime she took one of Signless' followers, Psiioniic, as helmsman of her ship thus making it far faster than any other. She also used her power to extend his life far past what it ought to have been, both because of the speed his powers gave her ship and because she grew to have feelings of pity towards him. This could explain why Feferi and Sollux are drawn to each other; much of the ancestors' relationships with one another are reflected to a degree even by those not purposefully trying to emulate their own (i.e. Vriska). For example, the Signless' closest follower was the Disciple, Nepeta's ancestor, whose love for Signless (which he reciprocated) was said to transcend the quadrants; Nepeta has a secret crush on Karkat. Additionally, where Disciple was to be killed the E%ecutor found he could not kill her; the implication is that this was Equius' ancestor with Equius becoming Nepeta's moirail.

Either way, Scratch intended to make sure that the trolls succeeded the second time around because this played into his ultimate plan: to bring the fearsome Lord English, his master, into being. Even though he's been there all along because once again, nothing about time can be simple. Suffice it to say that for all their efforts, the kids and trolls (current generation and ancestors) were all pawns manipulated by Scratch to ensure he fulfilled what he was destined to.

Personality: Feferi is one of the more cheerful trolls and, indeed, one of the friendliest. Unlike the bulk of her race, Feferi objects to the inherent culture of violence and murder, particularly in troll society's treatment of the weaker members of society, and one of her main goals for when she would eventually take over as Empress was to redefine the word "cull" so that it meant to take care of those weaker trolls rather than to kill them for no reason other than they weren't at their physical peak. In the meantime, she spent most of her time on Alternia looking after cuttlefish and other acquatic life, at least when she wasn't looking after her lusus. Her love for aquatic life and of being a sea dweller also shines through in the numerous fish puns she litters her conversations with.

Additionally, Feferi puts little stock in the hemospectrum, nor does she care much for the supposed divide between sea dwellers and land dwellers. Though she acknowledges and accepts her role as heiress to the Alternian throne, she does not automatically consider herself as better than anyone else nor does she shun those who are lower on the spectrum - indeed, she grows to become quite fond of Sollux although this may be in part influenced by her ancestor's relationship with Ψiioniic. She also fails to see that the human kids are the enemy and attempts to convince Karkat that they would be better off trying to help rather than harass the kids as he wanted to do. Indeed, the very fact that she does not end up leading either the Red or the Blue team, in spite of her position on the hemospectrum, would suggest that she is more than happy to defer to someone else's command if the situation calls for it, although not without speaking out where she feels it necessary.

That said, Feferi is still a troll and she still has darker tendencies. She can be quite abrasive when she wants to be, even to those she cares for, and can sometimes talk down to people - Jade being a prime example. She calls Jade retarded for not knowing what a lusus is, despite there being no real reason for Jade to have known at that point, and also makes a huge show of agreeing to Jade's request that she drop her typing quirks because hey, dead dreamself and headache forming. It would appear she has little patience or tolerance for what she perceives as stupidity, or at least that she chooses where to have patience and where not to. This is potentially the flipside to her upbringing - because other trolls would rarely if ever question her or her behaviour, she has grown up used to acting however she likes and hang the consequences or other people's feelings.

Eridan is foil to another aspect of Feferi's more unpleasant nature. In their former moirallegiance, it is apparent that Feferi relied on Eridan's help to keep Gl'bgolyb happy and thus quiet; it's arguable whether she endured him as a moirail solely for this fact (thus saving her from having to kill other lusus and allowing her to indulge in her dreams of a less violent Alternia) or because asking him to help her feed her lusus kept him distracted from his genocidal plans. It is equally arguable whether she ended her moirallegiance with him simply because he was no longer of use to her (since Gl'bgolyb was set to die) or because having to contend with Eridan's violent tendencies had tested her patience to its limits and his ability to help with her lusus was the only thing stopping her from ending things sooner. Either way, while the moirallegiance was clearly never healthy, her means of breaking up with him just before they started the game and her cold-shouldering him afterwards show a clear disregard for his feelings.

Ultimately, Feferi's calm personality makes her one of the more pleasant trolls to deal with, and provides a rare exception to the notion that the higher up the spectrum one goes, the more violent the troll is. However, this should not leave anyone thinking that she is a pushover or that she is incapable of being just as harsh and mean-spirited as any of the others.

Abilities, Weaknesses, and Power Limitation Suggestions: Feferi fights using 2x3dent kind, which translates to any form of double-ended trident. She is incredibly strong, able to clear her first gate within the game with a single leap, and also able to swim whilst dragging a whale-sized carcass through the water. As a Sea Dweller, her gills allow her to breathe underwater and she is just as comfortable, if not more so, than when she is on land.

As Witch of Life, she also liaised with the horrorterrors in order to create "dream bubbles". These allow those whose dream selves have died to travel to these bubbles instead while sleeping or unconscious and, providing there is a shared memory to act as a meeting point, to communicate with others both living and dead even where this would be otherwise impossible. The basic idea is that the memory plays out until one or both realise they're in a dream bubble, after which all involved are able to navigate through different memories, not necessarily all of the person who provided the initial memory. Of course, if one glances out too far and notices the horrorterrors nearby, this might make the experience rather more unpleasant.

In terms of weaknesses, while she's a competent fighter she has no special powers or abilities, at least granted by her race, at least not that have been shown in canon. And, as Eridan amply demonstrates, she is incredibly easy to kill via magic (sorry, "science").

For Singularity, I don't feel that her powers need to be limited as the only one of any significance (the dream bubbles) probably wouldn't work anyway - or at least, there are no horrorterrors around to help her sustain them.

Inventory: Feferi will be bringing along Ψdon's Entente, which is her original culling fork and the one she brandishes when she tries to fight Eridan. Otherwise she will be bringing what she wears and that's it.

Appearance: Feferi has the usual grey skin, black hair, yellow eyes and orange-yellow horns you would expect of the Homestuck trolls. Because she is a Sea Dweller, she also has fins/gills on the sides of her face which allow her to breathe underwater. Her horns are long and curve outwards slightly, as per the Pisces sign, and her hair is long, thick and wavy. She has tyrian purple blood, which means she cries and blushes in the same colour.

In terms of dress, Feferi's usual outfit is a halter top with her symbol on it and a blue and green floaty skirt with purple shoes. She also wears a lot of jewellery, mostly necklaces although she wears anklets on both legs and a tiara with her symbol in the centre. She's also rarely seen without her goggles.

Age: 6 solar sweeps, which translates to roughly 13 human years

OC/AU Justification ;
If AU, How is Your Version Different From Canon, and How Will That Come Across? N/A
If OC, Did You Run Your Character Through a Mary-Sue Litmus Test? N/A
And What Did You Score? N/A

Samples ;
Log Sample: Feferi tried to remain patient as she waited for Sollux to connect to her as her server player. In truth, she was very much looking forward to entering the game world and fulfilling the prophecy whispered to her by Gl'bgolyb. If that prophecy were even possible anymore - with the apocalypse looming, it seemed futile to hope that the Land and Sea Dwellers would ever be truly united. For now, she planned to just go with the flow and if the opportunity arose for her to fulfil what had been foretold, that would be a happy fortune.

More importantly, she was excited to see just what the game was all about. She had been anticipating its arrival for some time and though she knew there would be terrible consequences, she also had a feeling there would be a good side to things too. Either way, she was looking forward to finding out.

As she glanced at her screen to check in on Eridan, however, she felt her excitement fade just slightly. As much as she still liked her fellow Sea Dweller and wanted to remain friends with him, she had been sensing more and more of late that she was no longer suited to be his moirail. She had other things she needed to focus on and now that the whole Sea vs Land Dwellers situation was about to become irrelevant, Feferi felt it was the right time for her to move on. She wasn't looking forward to breaking the news, of course. But that didn't make it any less necessary to do.

She checked her screen again. By the looks of it, Sollux was ready to connect. And she was more than ready to take on the challenge of the game.

Network Sample: What an unusual device! I've never seen a bracelet that could do so much! This is so exciting!

...Wait. This isn't my memory. I'm pretty sure I'd remember if I'd shored up somewhere like this before. But hopefully there's someone on the other end of this bracelet-computer that I might be able to net a few answers from. I mean, it would be pretty silly if I was just stood here talking to myself, right?

Dec. 14th, 2011

11:27 am - Glub 18 // Text

I am so, so, so sorry for )(ow I've been acting t)(ese past few days
None of you did anyt)(ing wrong and I was so mean to you
I mean yes I can be blunt sometimes
And I guess my mirror wasn't exactly wrong w)(en s)(e said t)(is wasn't a lie
But I would never )(urt my friends t)(e way I )(urt some of you on purpose

If you don't want to talk to me anymore I'll understand
But I )(ad to apologise for w)(at I said and w)(at I did
So I'm sorry.

Dec. 12th, 2011

09:12 am - Glub 17 // Text

[This goes up shortly after this thread]

I )(ave an important announcement to make
By Royal Decree I declare Dave Strider must be made to suffer as muc)( as )(is pat)(etic )(uman form will allow
)(is crime?
)(e is using t)(e guise of pale friends)(ip as a cover to las)( out at t)(ose w)(o are above )(im
T)(is is not acceptable
You know w)(at you )(ave to do

I t)(ink )(e's pale c)(eating on you
T)(oug)(t you s)(ould know
--Egbert is t)(e ot)(er culprit

Nov. 28th, 2011

07:15 pm - Glub 016 // text

I t)(ink we s)(ould all take a minute )(ere to apperc)(iate someone very wonderful )(ere in t)(is mansion
T)(at someone being Aki)(iko
)(e is wit)(out t)(e most interesting )(uman I )(ave ever met
Meaning no disrespect to t)(e ot)(er )(umans of course
And I t)(ink t)(ere is a lot we can learn from eac)( ot)(er
Also )(es a lot of fun to watc)( w)(en )(e swims

O)( )(ow I could glub on about )(im for forever!
But I )(ave to t)(ink of a way to s)(ow my apperc)(iation properly
Don't worry Aki)(iko!
I won't let you down!

[At several points during the event, Akihiko will find himself receiving various essays and drawings expression her admiration for him, along with any aquatic-themed souvenirs she can find]

Nov. 12th, 2011

12:20 pm - Glub 015 // Video/action

[Feferi's not used to dreams that aren't filled with violence - for which there's sopor slime - or that don't involve her dreamself or dream bubbles. That, in itself, is odd.

What's even odder is when she wakes to find she's somehow on the floor and a LOT smaller than she used to be. In fact, she's not even the same shape - she looks and in fact is a grub, albeit much bigger than the kind humans are used to. Technically she shouldn't be out of the caves but logic be damned, this is Wonderland.

The video feed cuts on to show a constantly-moving ceiling. For those wishing to find her, this is because she is dragging her device towards the pool. Very slowly, because she's only little and she's dragging something bigger than she is. Every now and again the feed shows a glimpse of leg and occasionally her face as she chitters at the screen.]

[ooc: Just as a heads-up, Feferi as a grub has no words, only chitters, so prepare for non-verbalness]

Nov. 3rd, 2011

06:23 pm - Glub 014 // Text

So t)(at's w)(at it's like to die for real

Oct. 16th, 2011

05:59 pm - Glub 013 // Video/action

[Feferi looks much as she normally does, bar the lack of real facial fins (though she's done her best to recreate)...and the fact that her grey skin is actually make-up...and her horns are fake...okay she pretty much looks like the best estimation of the usual princess sea-troll you're used to.

She's currently sat at the beach, a pile of rule-books discarded behind her as she faces the communicator]

So, I was thinking I really want to run an adventure for some of us, but is it just me or are these books really limiting? It's all about numbers restricting what we can and can't do and that seems really dull to me. So! I've decided I'm going to make up my own. Anyone can join this adventure so come to the beach if you want and we'll do this the fun way!

[Yep, Fef's the kind of roleplayer who doesn't really have the patience for stats and dice rolls and stuff like that. Come join the most free-form LARP imaginable with a GM who will probably let you get away with anything if it sounds like fun! Or just watch from a far and cast scorn upon her for focusing on the game aspect rather than stressing over the perfect character build]

Oct. 2nd, 2011

09:14 pm - Glub 012 // Video

[The astute will notice that there's something a little different about this Feferi. See, the real Fef has gone to help out with the revolution since, well, perhaps that was what the prophecy about bringing two sides together meant. And this means her mirror is on the real side.

Said mirror is dressed even more extravagantly, if that's possible, and holds herself with an air of superiority that the real Feferi lacks. She sneers as she addresses the camera]

I doubt any of you over here are worthy of being in my presence, but should anyone wish to entertain me while my foolish other is throwing herself into her revolution, I invite it.

Also, if anyone can point me in the direction of Eridan - the one who belongs on this side, not the one from my side - I would be most appreciative.

[ooc: Replies from purple_tyrant]

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